How does Renovus improve education?

Renovus Capital Partners is an education-focused private equity fund. We are interested in growth-oriented businesses that fall into one or more of the categories outlined below:

Traditional Education

Career Colleges
Private K-12 Schools
Pre-Schools + Childcare

Professional Certification

Continuing Education
Licensure Training
IT Training

Corporate Training

Industrial Training
Leadership Training
Sales Training


Online Content
K-12 Publishing
Postsecondary Publishing


Administrative Software
Industrial Software
Educational Products

Human Capital Businesses

IT Services
Tutoring and Test Preparation


Renovus worked hard to understand our business and used their industry and transaction expertise to identify, structure, and finance an acquisition for Telemedia that allowed us to realize scale that would have taken many years to achieve organically.

Andrew Kauser
CEO, Telemedia

Partnering with Renovus provides EMS with the resources it needs to take full advantage of the market growth that is taking place. Since first meeting the Renovus team, I've been very impressed with their knowledge of the sector and their relationships with healthcare institutions. As a partner, they brought more to the table than just money.

Anurag Singh
Founder and CEO, Education Management Solutions

The partnership with Renovus is a great opportunity to accelerate the growth of the business. We understand how to build and maintain complex technology systems but could benefit from a strategic partner that can help us penetrate new verticals. The Renovus team has had a lot of experience in the education and training sectors and can really help us successfully pursue our education industry initiatives. Together we have the resources to significantly grow the business.

Sudhakar Goverdhanam
Founder and CEO, Prime Technology Group

I have spent 23 years of my life building South College into the school it is today and so when I decided to work with a private equity partner, I wanted a firm that had significant experience working with private colleges. The Renovus team has been working with private colleges since 2006 and has had a great track record of helping these institutions while delivering effective education to students.

Steve South
President, South College of Tennessee

In more than 30 years as an education entrepreneur I have met many private equity investors who were interested in buying my company. None understood my business as well as the Renovus team. When we worked through the transaction process, the Renovus principals delivered on everything they had committed to. The transaction was a success for me, and the company continued to grow under their stewardship.

Fidel Alonso Valls
Founder, EduK Group
a leading Puerto Rico based career college serving over 20,000 students